Best Options Advisory Service 2023 Review

Choosing an options advisory service is an important decision, as this can make or break your trading portfolio. There are several factors to consider, so you should find one that suits your needs. Some of the most important factors include the broker’s experience, customer service, and price.

Kings Trading Systems

Traders looking for an options advisory service should check out Kings Trading Systems in 2023. The platform offers a variety of features, including a comprehensive screener, a news feed, and options chain data. Traders can use these tools to find the best options strategies for their portfolios.

Using the site’s screener, users can create custom screens that include various filters, such as price changes, moving averages, and strike prices. The screener also supports 18 different options trading strategies. This allows users to back test these strategies and see the results.

Kings Trading Systems also offers options trading alerts, which are useful for alerting traders when stocks move in their favour. They also offer an Earnings Calendar, which shows how stocks’ prices react to earnings before, during, and after the release. It’s also possible to build a watchlist. The Watch list provides information such as the possible outcomes of certain decisions, intraday movements, and how to close out positions.

XTR ProTrader Signals

XTR ProTrader Signals is an options advisory service that was designed with simplicity in mind. This system delivers precise real-time financial feeds and HD video streaming of trading sessions. The service also comes with a lifetime subscription to trading membership and an accompanying discount on live weekly sessions. The service is also accompanied by a variety of video training courses.

The best part is, this service provides you with all of the information you need to become a confident and knowledgeable trader. Unlike other systems, the XTR ProTrader uses a proprietary algorithm to find the best option trades. The software also helps define the screener criteria for stock options.

Market Chameleon

Designed to fill a gap in options data availability, Market Chameleon is an options advisory service that provides traders with valuable information that helps to boost their return on investment. The platform offers a variety of features and tools, from simple automated filters to advanced customizable options screeners.

The options screener is a powerful tool that helps traders determine whether their options trading strategy is profitable. It allows users to monitor stocks in their watchlists and filters options by stock performance, implied volatility change, and potential downside. It also backtests 30 different option strategies. It calculates a theoretical edge for each strategy. The screener shows which strategies are the best performers and worst performers.


Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting out, you can benefit from Optionalpha. It provides access to the latest research, as well as robust research and backtesting tools. It also features a robust and active community. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it’s a great way to learn new strategies.

Optionalpha’s main focus is on quantitative spread trading, which is a type of options trading that focuses on buying long-term LEAPS. Rather than making quick decisions based on emotion, the service allows traders to automate their trades with pre-programmed bots. These bots scan the market for opportunities, execute trades, and use smartpricing to make smarter decisions.

ShadowTrader Weekly Options Advisory

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the ShadowTrader Options Advisory can offer you a lot of insight and education on how to trade the market. There are three different real-time trade advisories to choose from, including the Beginner, Time Spreads and Chief Strategist. These advisories all offer something unique.

The Time Spreads Advisory is a great fit for active traders who like to make moves and take chances. This advisory uses spreads and diagonals to take a longer term approach to the market. These options are available in both long and short durations from three weeks to three months.

The ShadowTrader’s Chief Strategist advisory is managed by Peter Reznicek and offers 8-12 trades per month. The advisor is able to do this because of its proprietary software and the tracking of all the trades, which includes the p&l of all the options they sell.

Options Intelligence

Advisory services are supposed to signal you when to enter a trade, when to exit a trade, and when to adjust an open position. Whether you’re looking for stock options picks, or an options trading strategy, these services can help you make the right investment decision.

These services provide alerts that detail new trading strategies, ways to reduce risk, and ways to save time trading. These notifications are usually sent to your email or phone. Depending on the service, they may also provide you with historical trade transparency.

These services are used by traders to make more profitable investment decisions. Some advisory services charge for their services, while others are free. Most services operate on a subscription payment model. They provide all the information you need to place a trade, including a price target and strike price, along with additional background information. The service will also notify you when an expert comes up with a new trade idea.

Motley Fool

Whether you are new to investing or just need a little help navigating the waters, a Motley Fool options advisory service can help you make the most of your money. The service provides options recommendations, trade alerts and other information to help you make smart decisions about your options investments.

The Motley Fool options advisory service is the best option for anyone looking for a highly vetted set of options investment recommendations. This service has a plethora of benefits including an active trading style and an easy to manage set of options picks.

The service features a number of tools including a monthly stock pick, a 30-day money back guarantee, and a full library of articles, videos, and stock tips. Motley Fool’s newsletter is also a good place to find stock ideas and get investing tips.


Traders have always asked for better tools to help them understand the complex data that they encounter when they start trading. InsiderFinance offers traders the tools they need to make more data-driven decisions. This tool provides traders with actionable insights, which helps them become successful.

InsiderFinance’s toolkit is designed to be accessible to traders at all levels. It includes a range of options analysis tools for forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. These tools are integrated with TradingView, so you don’t have to switch platforms to perform your technical analysis. The tools are customizable to your needs, and the software provides institutional quality data. The toolkit is also inexpensive.

InsiderFinance uses its own proprietary algorithm to analyze full populations of data sources. The algorithm filters out noise, analyzes patterns, and helps you find the best option trades. It also includes news analysis, dark pool analysis, and options flow analysis. You can also set your own filters and create custom watchlists.