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Me and Jim are going to represent the World Championship IRO Rescue Dogs

July 12, 2017
Jim passed the RH FL B exam at 270 points and thus met the limit for participation in the World Championship of Rescue Dogs

October 22 Ziva passed the exam ZOP.

Memorial Zdenek Katolicky 7 to 9 October 2016
Ziva - Category A 2nd place
Ricky - Veteran 3rd place

17. 7. 2016

Jim (Kelliegardens Gim)
On Saturday, July 9 he won nomination race at the Czech Championship IRS in the search category to rubble.
On Sunday, July 10 - Jim passed the exam RH FL A - (Special works 189 points, just 84 points obedience). A total of 273 points in rating: Very good.

On Sunday, July 10 Ziva (bee Ziva of Magic Border's) passed exam RH FL E - search area (special nose works and markings found people - 94 points, obedience 95 points). A total of 189 points in rating: Very good.She's my perfect princess.

10. 4. 2016

Jim -Kelliegardens Gim passed the exam RH T B - test rescue search in the rubble (272 points - a special work for 180 points, obedience 92 points) I love him! {#emotions_dlg.love}


Jim's daughters, 11 weeks old. :-)

Quarrel Me Not BB

Quick Grip BB


The next generation in Hungary. There are 8 beautyful puppies, 6 girls. {#emotions_dlg.love}

Planned litter Jim + Nav


February 2015

Video of Jim's rescue training

Video of Ziva rescue training


Update 15th February 2014

Searching Jim, Ricky and Ziva's training

Update 14th February 2014

We still training hard. :) And we lead them to rest.
Photo of trainings HERE vacation photos HERE.

Bee Ziva of Magic Borders - small training tracking

Jim's son for sale Yorki Akumulator - first herding training

Update 12th January 1014

We still training hard. :) And we lead them to rest.Photo of trainings HERE vacation photos HERE.


Puppies Jim

Video Ace Cabage Corlan Gi

Agile Tachyon Corlan Gi video 1, video 2

Alajim Corlan Gi video

11th March 2012
Visiting puppies
Puppies are beautiful, healthy, active and very nice. Photo HERE. {#emotions_dlg.love}

Holidays in Slovakia PHOTOS

February 23,2012 - New puppy photos and video

February 12, 2012 Jim and Fixi are proud parents of seven puppies. :)

more photos

Fixi (Quazi Miveko) is pregnant ,sire Jim (Kelliegardens Gim)- SWE.
It looks like, there will 3-6 puppies.

We plains Puppies

Father Kelligardens Gim
Mother Quazi Miveko - Fixa

Fixa is a daughter of the best czech FCI and ISDS bitch - Fairlea Nan (owner M. Koško) and super dog Rob, who was imported from Nedherland (from S. v. d. Zweep).
Super pedigree, very promising combination for herding and sport!

4th December - Rescue training

6th November

Jim today passed HWT

25th September 2011

Today, Jim met all the conditions and he is a stud dog.{#emotions_dlg.love}{#emotions_dlg.jokingly}

World Championship of rescue dogs in Belgium
Ricky won second place in the category tracking. {#emotions_dlg.love}

foto here

28. 5. 2011

Jim passed ZVOP - Test talent sheepdog.

22. 5. 2011

Jim passed ZZO - basic handling test.
Ricky passed ZPS2 - Test tracker dog the second degree.

15. 5. 2011

Rescue training on Saturday, the 14th May in Vlčnov.

Photos here


Jim's rescue training


Resue training Smile


Jim's rescue traing



7. 2. 2011

Great news came to me today! Cid and Ricky may bear the title of club champion performance.{#emotions_dlg.love}

We wish you a peaceful and merry Christmas and New Year's good luck, happiness and personal and sporting achievements.

30. 10. 2010 Rescue tests

Ricky now passed RH T A. He received a good mark for 249 points. Smile

16th World Championship of rescue dogs - 30 June - 4 July 2010
At four o'clock in the morning we go to the scene with Ricky Championships
Link to Online Results HERE

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Jim today celebrated five months of life. And it celebrated our whole pack. It was warm, so celebrated swimming and running.

Saturday, June 26, 2010
We went with Jim look at sheep. Jim liked the sheep. He could not look away from them.

5. 6. 2010

Agility competition in Zlin 5 .6. 2010

Agility - 1
Jumping - 1st
Agility A3 - 1 place - 5 penalty points.

26. 6. 2010

Today I have received the results of genetic tests, Jim. DNA CEA - Normal MDR1 - Normal, NCL - Normal {#emotions_dlg.jokingly}{#emotions_dlg.love}



Today we were served with an official receipt of our application for 16 World Championship of rescue dogs. {#emotions_dlg.jokingly}

Whole website completed! Smile

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